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You find our instuments, lessons, and workshop at:


Vienna: Hempstone Jembes and didgeridoos:
Klangfarbe acoustics

Thomas Hiller:

Hempstone didges, workshop
Richard Schiffer:

Vienna: Drums and teaching:
Werner Haller

Vienna: Günther Zondler Existe drum cafe: drums & workshop: Drum Existe Trommelcafe

Vienna: Drums teaching and therapy: Ibrahima Diallo

Lower Austria:
St Andrä/Wördern: drums workshop and lesson:
Dr. Karin Bindu

Lower Austria: Amstettner Musikhaus

Lower Austria:  Christian Dienstbier
Lower Austria:  Qrisu Steurer

Upper Austria: Didges & teaching:  Qrisu Steurer

Upper Austria Drums:
Clemens Weilguni "weilIwohn"


Upper Austria:

Linzer Musikhaus Eferdinger Musikhaus


Tyrol: Bernd Dr-Idoo

Burgenland: OttoTrapp



Germany south: Franz & Sabine Richter

Germany Siegburg near Köln
Mad Matt´s Didgeridoos

Guitarmaker and designer Jakob Frank:

He makes wonderful nice accoutic guitars
in Germany, Pforzheim
with resonance body from Hempstone,
produced in our workshop.


Swiss: Didgeridoo & teaching: Roman Buss

France:   Feeling music , Paris

Sweden: didgeridoo, drum: Christian Österberg


Australia: Spirit gallery of Reno Safarian, Sydney

Traders and partners DrumParam is authorised trader of Schlagwerk-Percussion.
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